National Association of Charterboat Operators


(301) 855-5158
Capt. Francis Abner
Tamshell Charters
Abners Crab House
(410) 570-3962
Capt.Dorothy Tuohey
(888) 810-7283 -or- 410-571-1111
Capt. Keith Fraser
(410) 507-1117
Capt. Kenneth Jeffries
Sellfish Charters
Annapolis, MD
(301) 645-5914
Capt. George Willett
(410) 682-3997
Capt. Robert Hunter Sr
Gloria Jean Charters
Back River
(301) 807-2706
Capt. James Smith
Fish Hat Trick
Beacon Marina
Capt. Shawn Pruitt
Beacon Marina MD
Capt. Randy Bailey
Emily Louise Charters
Bodkin Creek
(410) 360-2376
Capt. George Bentz
Drizzle Bar Charters
Bodkin Creek
(410) 465-6880
Capt. Charles Reichert Jr
Interlude Charters
Bodkin Creek
(410) 414-9434
Capt. James Watkinson
Island Charters
Breezy Point
(443) 871-4304
Capt. David Fischer
Goldfisch Charters
Breezy Point
(410) 257-3285
Capt. James Batchelor
Chesapeake Adventures
Breezy Point, MD
(240) 876-6079
Capt. Don Johnson
Hot Pursuit Charters
Brooksville, MD
(301) 672-0383
Capt. Robbie Robinson
Miss Regina II Charters
Bunkys Charters
(301) 586-2415
Capt. Daniel Pritchett
Double D Charter Fishing
Calvert Marina
(410) 764-1824
Capt. Luther Hardin
Penny Saver Charters
(410) 991-8468
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Capt. C.D. Dollar
CD Outdoors, LLC.
Centerville, MD
(410) 490-5028
Capt. John Sharp
Miss Molly Fishing Charters
Centreville MD
(410) 414-9662
Capt. Jon Tkach
Reel Attitude Charters
Chesapeake Beach
(443) 865-7937
Capt.David Mogel
Mary Lou Too Charters
Chesapeake Beach MD
(301) 812-1505
Capt. John Beach
Beachcomber II Charters
Chesapeake Beach, MD
(410) 977-2120
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Capt. Keith Brandt
Miss Steph Charters
Chesapeake, Maryland
(410) 957-1664
Capt.Robert Walter
Chincoteague VA
Capt. Robert Conrad
Rumor Has It Charters
Chincoteague, VA
(410) 939-5796
Capt. Peter Jay
Churchville, MD
(301) 934-3286
Capt. George Schuhart
Tricia Ann Charters
Cobb Island MD
(410) 651-5311
Capt. David Stone
Steppin Stone Charters
(410) 623-2310
Capt. Curtis Johns
Karen Ray II Sportfishing
Crisfield, MD
(410) 647-7194
Capt. Perry Joy
J Joy Charters
Cypress Creek
(443) 871-3499
Capt. Harry Nield
Kingfish II Charters
Deal Island
(410) 741-0225
Capt. Robert Rhodes Jr
Bonnie Sue Charters
(301) 261-5869
Capt. Frank Carver
Loosen Up Charters
(443) 223-2218
Capt. Steve Goins
Stormy Petrel Charters
(410) 544-5311
Capt. Dale Kirkendall
(410) 867-2735
Capt. William Holt
Drifter Charters
(410) 302-9392
Capt. George Fitzsimmons
Miss Lena Charters, LLC.
(240) 299-8948
Capt. Tawn Tipsword
(443) 994-6858
Capt. Dale Browning
Capt.Butch Gee
Fish Ebbtide Charters
Deale MD
(240) 216-1596
Capt. Kenny Boswell
Fish Ebb Tide Charters
Deale MD
(410) 886-2176
Capt. Wade Hampton Murphy, Jr.
Dogwood Harbor
(301) 904-7922
Capt. Jeffery Pharis
Bay River Fishing, LLC.
Drayden, MD
(410) 812-9812
Capt. Joseph Tomaschko Jr
First In Fishing & Crabbing LLC
Dundalk, MD
(410) 781-6736
Capt. Michael Smolek
Penny Sue Charters
(410) 798-5927
Capt. Peter Remsen
Just N Time Charters
(443) 618-1979
Capt. Steve Chait
Fishing Magician
(410) 643-4402
Capt. Andrew Schulz
Fishermans/Chesapeake Bay Adventures
Fishermans Crab Deck
(410) 414-2420
Capt. Craig Bickford
Roosters 2 Charters
Fishing Creek Marina
Capt Bob' McCormack.
Obsession Sportfishing
Friendship MD
(410) 218-9260
Capt. Michael Conner
Glen Burnie, MD
(443) 521-0817
Capt. Philip A, Gootee II
Gootees Charter Fishing
Gootees Marine
Capt.Phillip Henry Gootee
Hootee's Marina
Gootees Marine
(301) 704-7231
Capt. Richard Gallagher
The Natural Charters
Happy Harbor / Ocean City MD
(410) 867-0679
Capt. Alex Williams
Patrick Charters
Happy Harbor South
(410) 867-0679
Capt. Alex Williams
Patrick Charters
Herrington Habour & Bridge Marina, Deal MD
(301) 752-3535
Capt. Charles Sisson
Backdraft Charters
Herrington Harbor North
(410) 867-4731
Capt. John Whitman
Herrington Harbor North, Deale, MD
(443) 223-5919
Capt. Scott Singleton
Last Hurrah Charters
Herrington Harbor North, Deale, MD
(410) 397-3474
Capt. Michael Murphy
Tide Runner Charters
Hoopers Island
(410) 397-3578
Capt. Michael Willey
Sassy Lady Charters
Hoopers Island
(410) 397-3743
Capt. Dave Schauber
Sawyer Charters
Hoopers Island
(410) 490-2645
Capt.Michael Ruth
Chesapeake Born Charters
Kenmorr MD
(410) 676-1065
Capt. Steven "Bo" Hamm
Kent Island
(410) 643-7600
Capt. Brian Hardman
Lead Dog Fishing Charters
Kent Island
(410) 703-2760
Capt. Rich Schott
Chesapeake Bay Sportfishing
Kent Island, Annapolis and Virginia Beach, VA
(410) 758-3107
Capt. Joey Sadler
Captains Pride Charters
Kentmoor Marina
Capt. Bob Baker
Lucky Strike Charters
(410) 758-3235
Capt. Jeffery Ruth
Ellen R Charters
Kentmorr Marina
(410) 643-0588
Capt. Frank Updike
Natural Light Charters
Kentmorr Marina
(410) 643-1932
Capt. Michael Sadler
Southern Belle Charters
Kentmorr Marina
(410) 490-1485
Capt. Jeffrey S. Eichler
Kentmorr Marina
(410) 829-9816
Capt. Brady Sweitzer
Casey M Charters
Kentmorr Marina
(410) 778-0616
Capt. Clay Larrimore
Miss Doe II Charters
Langford Bay & Rock Hall
(410) 908-7314
Capt. Robert Krausman
Middle River
(410) 574-7067
Capt. Russell Green
Carol G Fishing
Middle River
(410) 257-6042
Capt. James King, Sr
King Fish
North Beach MD
(301) 994-1797
Capt. Robert Bowes
Bowes Charter Fishing
Piney Point
(301) 481-0478
Capt. Will Weston
Lisa Anne Charters
Piney Point
(301) 872-9585
Capt. Butch Cornelius
North Star Charters
Piney Point, MD
(301) 872-4215
Capt. Gregory Madjeski
Capt Greg Charters
Point Lookout Marina
(410) 535-3702 -or- (410) 808-3832
Capt. Dale Weems
Time Off Charters
Prince Frederick
(410) 714-3544
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Capt. Richard Phippin
Nauti Hooker Charters
Queen Anne, MD
(301) 872-0100
Capt. Paul Kellen
(301) 704-1414
Capt. Tammie Wilhoit
Liquid Air
RNR Marina West
(410) 778-4767
Capt. Robert Gears Jr
Virginia II Charters
Rock Hall
(410) 708-0965
Capt. Carlton Edwards
C & P Fish Inc.
Rock Hall
(410) 708-4057
Capt. Ronald Jayne
Rockaholic Fishing Charters
Rock Hall / Kent Island
(410) 639-7507
Capt. Charles Clark
Bayside Charters
Rock Hall, MD
(410) 535-3696
Capt. David Bailey
Hooked Up II Charter Fishing
Rod 'N Reel
(410) 741-5609
Capt. Edward O'Brien
Semper Fidelis Enterprises Inc
Rod N Reel
(410) 474-4428
Capt. C. Drew Payne III
Worm Charters
Rod N Reel
(301) 785-1199
Capt. Marcus Wilson
Rod N Reel
(443) 259-9496
Capt. Randy Dean
Bay Hunters Charters
Rod N Reel
(410) 251-2433
Capt. Monty King
Jodilee Charters
Rod N Reel
(301) 233-0377
Capt Charles Green
Plumb Crazy Charters
Rod N Reel
(301) 855-8723
Capt. Roy Leverone
'Uncle Roy's' Sport Fishing
Rod N Reel Marina, North Beach, MD
(410) 610-6283
Capt. Shawn Gibson
Wound Tight Charters
Rod N Reel,Chesapeake Beach, MD
(202) 439-7011
Capt. Dennis Zimmerman
Rod "N" Reel
Rose Haven MD
(301) 872-4160
Capt. Donna Drury
Capt Gregs Charter Fishing
Saint Jeromes Creek
(301) 872-4041
Capt. Philbert Langley Jr
Fish The Bay Charters LLC
Saint Jeromes Creek
Capt.Charles Parks
Eastern Shore Adventure Charters
Salisbury & Princess Anne , MD
(301) 839-9270
Capt. Norman Talbert
Renegade Charters
(410) 414-2459
Capt. Charlie Marenka Jr
Jennifer Ann Charters
(301) 855-8940
Capt. Christopher Sullivan
Dolly Diesel Sportfishing
(410) 960-6198
Capt. Lee Peters
Sneaky Pete Charters
(240) 925-1594
Capt. Gregory Buckner
Miss Susie Charters
Solomons MD
(410) 474-9180
Capt. Stephen Barko
Lucky Strike Fishing Charters
Solomons, MD
(410) 326-6689
Capt. Arthur Dawson
Solomons/ Ophelia, VA
(410) 742-7762
Capt. Gerald Dawson Sr
Carolyn D Charters
Somers Cove
(410) 430-7394
Capt. John Asanovich
Barbara Ann II Charters Inc
Somers Cove Marina
Capt. Joseph Asanovich Jr
Barbara Ann Fishing Charters
Somers Cove Marina
Capt. Steve Waters
Island Dog Charters
Sparrows Point, MD
(410) 745-6080
Capt. Edward Farley
Chesapeake Skipjack Sailor Tours
St Michaels, MD
(301) 872-4455 or (301) 904-4090
Capt. Gregory Drury
St. Jerome's Creek, MD
(410) 397-3278 -or- (410) 979-0642
Capt. Al Jacobson
Island Girl Charters
Taylors Island
(410) 886-2121
Capt. Charles Harrison
C-Hawk Charters
(410) 886-2971
Capt. William Worthington
Huntress Charters
(410) 866-2183
Capt. Howard Sweet
410- 886-2039
Capt. Robert Marshall
Class Act Charters
Tilghman, MD
(410) 745-5764
Capt. Alan Poore Jr
CJ Charters "Stalker"
Tilghman, MD
(410) 721-3386 -or- (410) 507-5723
Capt. Billy Williams Jr
Megabite Charters
Turkey Point
(443) 938-1658
Capt. Tracy Geho
Weavers Marina, Baltimore, MD
(410) 784-2053
Capt. Richard Webster
Three Ks Charters
(410) 251-6384
Capt. Larry Tawes
Tina Louise Charters
(240) 463-1510 -or- (301) 922-4044
Capt. Michael Shay
West River Cruises Inc
West River
(410) 867-1663
Capt. Michael Cassidy
Michael Cassidy Sr
West River
(410) 310-1980
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Capt. Jeff Fluharty
Always Wet
White Marlin Marina