NACO attends the NOAA 2nd National Saltwater Recreational Fishing Summit in Alexandria, VA

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA) National Marine Fisheries Service held its second National Saltwater Recreational Fishing Summit in Alexandria, VA on April 1-2. This meeting, attended by more than 100 leaders within the saltwater recreational fishing community, provided a forum for identifying important issues and collaborative solutions. NACO has participated in both summits. Captain Bob Zales and Captain Richard Yamada, members of the NACO Board of Directors, attended this summit representing NACO and its sponsoring associations and members. 

At this meeting, the National Marine Fisheries Service(NMFS) announced plans to develop a national recreational fishing policy. This policy will broadly guide future actions and better integrate recreational fishing with NOAA Fisheries' mission.
Captain Bob Zales, NACO Governmental Affairs Director, stated: “The common theme produced at both of these summits is that access and stability to fisheries is of prime importance to the recreational fishing community.  This message has been driven home to the NMFS, and we should see more cooperation between the agency and recreational fishing industry in the future. A national recreational fishing policy will go a long way to establishing the importance of recreational fishing to our nation.”
Thank you Captain Zales and Captain Yamada for representing the interests of NACO members at this very important meeting. These captains, as well as the entire Board of Directors and staff, are working for you.
The link below is the NOAA Fisheries press release providing more information about the meeting: