Senate Bill S2444 USCG Reauthorization Bill (Life raft issue) and the S2094 Vessel Incidental Discharge Act

The Senate will reconvene September 5, 2014 and the two top issues we are facing are the Senate Bill S2444 USCG Reauthorization Bill (Life raft issue) and the S2094 Vessel Incidental Discharge Act. We have included copies of NACO's official letters below for you, our members, to utilize in the formation of your own indiviudal letters to your States Senators. If you need help finding your Senators fax numbers please let us know - we have those on file and are happy to help. 

NACO's Official Letter regarding the S2444 USCG Reauthorization Bill is as follows: Please click here to view the letter 

NACO's Official Letter regarding the  S2094, the Vessel Incidental Discharge Act is as follows: Please click here to view the letter 

It is imperative that we let our voices be heard by our Senators not only as an association fighting on the front lines to protect our members and the charter boat industry but also as individual constituents of the state that you and your family live and run your businesses in. Our Senators need to know how important it is that these two bills recieve Senate approval so that your ability to operate your businesses will not be adversely affected.