NACO visits DC to attend the NOPC meeting.

President Capt. Bob Zales, II made a trip to Washington DC during the week of December 5, 2016 to meet with the National Ocean Policy Coalition and the staffs of several Senators and Representatives.  The NOPC meeting included the House Resource Committee staff.  According to President Zales the trip was one of the best he has had in DC. “ I came home from this trip with more optimism and hope for our industry than any I have made in over 15 years.” said President Zales. 

He reports that the meeting with the NOPC and House Resource Committee staff was extremely informative and plans for proposed legislation to ease regulatory burdens on our industry are in the works.  These plans should result in dramatic elimination of the impacts on industry by the national Ocean Council.  The House Resource Committee staff is also looking for reductions of the many overly restrictive fishing regulations during the next Congress and hopes to see easing of many requirements of the Magnuson Stevens Act during the pending reauthorization. 

The staffs of all the Legislators indicate they are looking forward to working with the new administration to ease regulatory and financial burdens on small fishing family businesses.  This is encouraging news for our industry, our communities, and our members.  NACO is the voice of the charter for hire industry and continues to work for the membership to ensure your success in the industry you love.