NACO Comments Marine Monuments

Agency: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Document Type: Nonrulemaking
Title: FRN_Review of Monuments and NMS Expansions_82 FR 28827
Document ID: NOAA-NOS-2017-0066-0001

NACO's Comment:
The creation of marine monuments and expansion of NMS by Presidential Executive Order is simply an end around process bypassing the regulatory process to consider such. Bypassing the regulatory process eliminates any stakeholder involvement and only allows those environmental organizations who gain access to the President. Ordinary citizens are not able to have such access so they have no input to the process.
The regulatory processes currently are in place to allow consideration of the creation of marine monuments and expansion of NMS as well as the expansion or creation of new marine protected areas. These regulatory processes were set up to allow the public to have input into the process and they should be utilized. A Presidential Executive Order should never be used to circumvent the ability of the public to have their opinions known and considered on such important issues that restrict access and opportunities by the public to enjoy our Nation's Natural Resources.

Bob Zales, II