NACO's 2018 Board Election Results

NACO congratulates Capt. Frank Becker, MS and Capt. Shawn Gibson, MD to the NACO Board of Directors and also congratulates Capt.Roger Parcelles, FL and Capt.Greg Sutter, AK on their reelection to the Board.  We appreciate their interest in working on the behalf of the membership to continue our efforts to ease the regulatory and financial burdens placed on our businesses and to work to find new benefits for all to share. 

SEC. 302. Clarification of logbook and entry requirements.

NACO Comment letter provided by Bob Zales in reference to the
SEC. 302. Clarification of logbook and entry requirements.
We have submitted this letter in conjunction with the PVA to following:
The Honorable Duncan Hunter
The Honorable John Garamendi
Ranking Member
Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Subcommittee
U.S House of Representatives
507 Ford HOB
Washington, DC 20515
By Fax: 202-225-0235, (202) 225-5914
We ask that you fax a request to Chairman Hunter and Ranking Member Garamendi yourselves asking to have the House USCG Version include the same language as the Senate version version so that we can do away with this unnecessary burden.
 It needs to be done asap as the two bills are in conference now.
Read the letter by Clicking HERE