Response from Rep.Scalise's Staff

"Thank you, Bob. 
Mr. Scalise and everyone on our team sincerely appreciates this kind gesture. 
We will share with him.


NACO expresses sympathy -Rep Scalise and others ...

The National Association of Charterboat Operators (NACO) expresses our sincere sympathy to the families of Representative Steve Scalise and the other 4 individuals who were shot yesterday, June 13, 2016.  We sincerely hope all will fully recover from their injuries.  We also truly appreciate the efforts by the 2 Capitol Hill Police Officers for their efforts to take out the shooter.  Without their presence more people could have been injured or killed.  Many thanks go out to those officers.  

Representative Scalise has been instrumental in helping to fix the red snapper issue in the Gulf.  His leadership has been paramount in having the Secretary of Commerce and the five Gulf States Fishery Resource Directors provide an extended private recreational red snapper fishing season for 2017 which begins on July 16, 2017.  He was meeting with several others till late last night, July 13, working to finalize the new regulation.  He has been a great advocate for all fishermen.  

Our prayers go out to all who were injured and to those who experienced the tragic event.

Capt. Bob Zales, II