Announceme​nt: New NACO Administra​tive Director

NACO is delighted to announce that Susan Mason has been hired to be the new NACO Administrative Director. Susan has been our Membership Coordinator since July, 2013, and she previously worked with us from 2004-2008. In her new capacity, Susan will be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the NACO office and will provide daily oversight and coordination of NACO operations. She possesses a sound knowledge of NACO activities and a valuable insight into the needs of our membership. Many of you know her or have interacted with her during these times.

Susan has already hit the ground running and is currently working on updating our membership database, renewing memberships and coordinating membership renewals with sponsoring organizations. She and/or a member of her staff will be available to you during regular NACO office business hours, which are 8:00AM to 5:00PM CST, Monday -Friday at 1-866-981-5136, or via email at info@NACOcharters.org

Please join us in congratulating Susan Mason on her new responsibilities and welcoming her to our management team.

NOAA Unveils New Electronic Chart Online Viewer

For more than ten years, since NOAA introduced its electronic navigational charts, you have needed to purchase a specialized chart display system to view the NOAA ENC® as a seamless chart database. Starting today, you don’t need a system to view the ENC depictions; you can use Coast Survey’s new web-based viewer called NOAA ENC® Online .

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