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CAPTAIN JOSEPH HEADLEY (MONTEREY, CA) I began my career on the water as a commercial salvage diver in 1981, working my entire career in and around the ocean. I currently am the owner/operator of OPA! sailing adventures out of Monterey California. I have also worked for and with more than a half dozen local ocean front jurisdictions, working on the regulations for onthe-water activities and waterfront support for them. A primary goal to run for office; to increase west coast presence of NACO and thereby increase participation.

CAPTAIN RON MAGLIO (STUART, FL )* I have been a charter captain since 1981 operating Gambler Sportfishing Charter out of Michigan City, Indiana. I served as a board member and treasurer of the Michigan City Charter Boat Assn from 1983 to 2001 and have been awarded a enmities status. In 2001 I relocated to Stuart, FL where I continue to operate charter boats. I have served on the NACO Board Since 1994 and have been Treasurer since 1995. I have a associate degree in accounting and use that training for my responsibilities as Treasurer. I am responsible for keeping a watchful eye on NACO finances, reviewing monthly financial reports, recommending the yearly budget to the Board, and working with the Board and Executive Director to establish the yearly budget. As a Board member I represent the Michigan City Charter Boat Association to provide expertise and concerns from the Great Lakes region. We have many issues before us and the NACO Board has been extremely successful in our efforts to reduce the regulatory and financial burdens on the charter boat industry.

CAPTAIN PAUL MALO (DUXBURY, MA)* Captain Paul Malo's base of operation Duxbury, MA, sport fishing ,launch service, and bay tours. He has operated as a captain for 35 years and as a member of the Cape Cod Charterboat Association. In 1991 Capt. Paul was invited to Washington, DC to be a part of the development of the new organization called the National Association of Charterboat Operators(NACO) and was honored at that time with serving as one of NACO's first board of directors. The past 24 years as a director Capt. Paul has seen many changes in the charterboat industry and he hopes to continue to help NACO in the future. Paul serves on the board of directors for the Cape Cod CBA and has recently taken on the role as a sponsoring association liaison. Capt. Malo has been an offshore charter boat operator for over 31 years, his area of operation has been cape cod bay and offshore banks, operating boats up to 40 feet in length, fishing mainly for tuna, bass and blue fishing. Over the past 5 years, Paul has devoted his time to a harbor launch and inland bay and river tour operation in his town of Duxbury, MA. He is retired from 30 years of airline work as a licensed pilot. Capt. Malo and his wife Donna have two grown sons and three granddaughters. His newest endeavor is working as a winter boat captain in Ft. Lauderdale, FL from November to April for charter services. Capt. Malo looks forward to the honor of serving another term on the board if elected.

CAPTAIN ED O'BREIN (CHESAPEAKE BEACH, MD)* Capt. Ed obtained his USCG Operator License in 1971 and has owned and operated his charter fishing business since, operating his vessels the, Semper Fidelis I, II, and III. He has held several executive positions with several companies and served on several Boards of Directors. Joined the National Association of Charterboat Operators (NACO) in 1991. Spokesman and officer of the Maryland Charter Boat Association for 30 years. Appointed to key fishery committees by 5 Maryland Governors. On behalf of the MCBA and NACO he has worked with local, state, and federal governments to provide information on and increase the professionalism of the charter boat industry. This work has included working to lessen the impact of legislative and regulatory impacts to the industry along with helping to establish charter boat licensing in Maryland. As the liaison between NACO and the USCG since 1991 he was instrumental in helping to establish the current Memorandum of Agreement between NACO and the USCG. His work with the USCG has provided them with the real perspective of the charter boat industry to help them better understand how regulations and requirements affect the industry. Capt. Ed's work with key Congressional members was instrumental in having the USCG vessel user fee reduced from the proposed $650 to the current $300 per year for all USCG COI vessels, resulting in a savings of $350 per year. He works closely with the USCG on the issues affecting Marine Mariners due to the new USCG Medical Requirements providing a unique perspective of those impacts on Licensed Mariners. On behalf of NACO I have provided much information to Congressional Representatives including working closely with Congressman Steny Hoyer regarding the out of the water survival craft issue and was instrumental in helping the USCG develop the Survival Craft Study that shows current safety equipment is more than adequate for passenger and crew safety. For my work on behalf of NACO with the USCG I was recently awarded the USCG Meritorious Public Service Award.

CAPTAIN BUTCH SMITH (ILWACO, WA)* Capt. Butch Smith, President of the Ilwaco Charter Assoc since 1994 has been in the Charter business since 1956 Grandfather, Dad, Myself and now my Son on the west coast in the state of Washington. He and his wife Terri and have been married 37 years in March, they have owned Coho Charters and Motel since 1985 along with two boats; both are inspected vessels. They have two kids AJ (mooch) 30 and a Daughter Jackie 24. Their son works as a Captain in the summer . Capt. Butch started hauling fish up the dock for a sport fisher at the age of 5 worked up to deckhand at the age of 10 and got his captain license at the of 18; he is now 54. Since 2002 Capt. Butch has served on the PFMC Salmon advisory sub-panel chair, a Member of the Washington state sport fishing advisory board since 1995, is a Member of a Bi state Columbia River Sport Advisory group since 2003, is an Honorary member of the Westport Charter Assoc.. which he also does some work for, serves as Port of Ilwaco port Commissioner vice chair, served as City of Ilwaco city councilman from 1995-01 and was appointed to fill in during 2012. Capt. Butch has worked on a Coast Guard committee on a safety study of LNG liquid gas ships coming into the Columbia River, in 2018 Capt. Butch was the only WA, Coastal Charter boat person on the 45 person Orca Whale task force he was appointed by Governor Inslee. Capt. Butch says that "NACO is a great Association that he has been a member of for many years and it would be a privilege to become a board member to help fight to make the charter industry voice heard! He Thanks you for the chance to serve."

CAPTAIN RICHARD YAMADA (AUKE BAY, AK)* Richard has been involved in Alaska’s recreational fishery for over 35 years as a licensed captain, sportfishing lodge owner and recreational fishing advocate at the state, federal, and international level. Raised in the Hawaiian Islands, he grew up in a culture connected with the ocean. Leaving college to pursue military service, Richard was assigned to Eielson AFB, Fairbanks, in 1972. Here is where his love for the Alaskan outdoors and its fisheries began. Richard is the current president of the Alaska Charter Association, is a member of the MAFAC Recreational Fishing Work Group, and sits on the North Pacific Fishery Management Council’s Charter Management Implementation Committee.