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Hurricane Michael Disaster Relief Effort NACO & IGFA, WARF

Welcome to the National Association of Charterboat Operators disaster web page.  Here you will find information about the Hurricane Michael financial assistance program created by the IGFA and NACO.  The IGFA is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization where contributions and donations may be tax free depending on your jurisdiction.  The IGFA created the Worldwide Anglers Relief Fund to provide financial assistance to for hire charter services adversely affected by disasters. Since NACO is the national voice for for-hire charter operations across the Nation IGFA contacted us to provide a mechanism to locate as many for-hire charter operations as possible. 

NACO received a grant from the National Marine Fisheries Service in 2005 after the many storms that hit the Gulf coast to do a study on the social and economic impacts of storms on charter boat operations.  The study “Charter Boat Fleet in Peril: Losses to the Gulf of Mexico Charter Fleet from Hurricane Storms during 2005” provides a wealth of information on the social and economic impacts of devastating storms on the charter fleet and is the first and only such study that can be used to calculate the impacts.  You can request a copy of the study from NACO. Since NACO has the expertise of the for-hire charter industry in every area of the country we were a great choice to help distribute helpful funds to those who most need the help.  The 16 member Board of Directors come from every area of the country which gives NACO the unique perspective and knowledge of the industry on a broad scale.  For this funding effort we have created a committee consisting of 3 Board members, all 3 either live and operate in Florida year round or most of the year.  In addition our Treasurer, President, and Executive Director will serve as advisors to the committee.  The committee will be responsible for reviewing the applicants for funding and determine those of the most need.  As should be expected not every for-hire charter operation will be affected the same way.  In many cases economic and physical loses will be minimal while in other cases they will be complete loses.  Your application  will provide the information necessary to determine the hardest hit.  As is stated in the cover letter sent with each application our available funds are limited at this time but we are actively searching for more donors to add to the fund.  We hope to have good news on this front soon. Please check back to this web site often to see updates on the program.  While you do not need to be a member of NACO to receive funds clearly memberships keep NACO moving forward.  Once your charter business is recovered and your business begins to prosper again we hope you will consider membership in NACO as we provide a host of benefits and our regulatory work has saved the for-hire charter industry multiple thousands of dollars and reduced your regulatory workload.  See our accomplishments on this site and we are certain you will agree.  We look forward to your recovery and the recovery of the for-hire charter and head boat fleet in the area devastated by Hurricane Michael.

 To submit an application please Click thislink: MICHAEL_DISASTER_RELIEF_APPLICATION

To all those who have submitted your application for financial help we are continuing to receive applications and are seeking more financial donations to build up the fund.  Please be patient as we are working hard to ensure we capture as many folks as possible and working to provide as much financial help we can.  Keep checking this site as we will continue to provide updates on our progress.

Worldwide Anglers Relief Fund (WARF)

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