Lake Superior Researchers Study Threatened Plover

Lake Superior State University says its researchers are at work this summer trying to aid the survival of an endangered bird species, the piping plover.

Tentative Plan for Stocking Cuts

The Department of Natural Resources has announced a tentative plan for stocking cuts to Lake Michigan trout and salmon. According to the tentative plan, chinook stocking would be reduced 38% in Wisconsin,  67% in Michigan, 8% in Illinois and 11% in Indiana. 

Lake Erie Electrofishing Survey Finds No Asian carp

There was no sign of Asian carp in the waters that spill from southeastern Monroe County into Lake Erie, as was also the case during previous days of an electrofishing and netting survey that began Monday in Ohio. Roger Knight, the Lake Erie program administrator for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' Division of Wildlife, wasn't surprised. He observed Wednesday's work from a nearby boat in North Maumee Bay. "I didn't expect that we would find one," Knight said. "If there were detectable numbers of these fish, we would have heard about them."

UMD to Measure Flood’s Effects on Lake Superior

Technology usually used in oceans will be planted in Lake Superior by University of Minnesota Duluth researchers. During the winter months they will be able to detect things like temperature, depth, currents, light intensity and amount of oxygen

Invasive Spiny Water Flea Reaches Lake Champlain Basin

The spiny water flea, a tiny shrimp-like organism native to Europe and Asia, was discovered in a canal that connects Lake Champlain to the Hudson River, and then a fisherman found it in Lake George, an Adirondack lake located about a half-mile upstream from Lake Champlain.

Lake Michigan Yellow Perch

The reason for the drop appears as clear as the lake's water on this tranquil evening: As invasive species have altered the Lake Michigan food web, the population of perch has plummeted. With fewer perch and restrictive regulations to protect the remaining population, anglers have either stopped fishing or are pursuing other species.erch have suffered from too many years of extremely poor recruitment, or survival of young fish, since the early 1990s.

New York DEC Adopts New Freshwater Fishing Regulations

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has adopted some new freshwater fishing regulations, the DEC announced this week.

The changes to the current regulations will take effect starting Oct. 1, and will be in place through 2014.

What Do You Want For Lake Michigan's West Side County Park

All ideas are welcome at a public brainstorming session from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Aug. 20 at the Ganges Township Hall, 1904 64th Street, Fennville.

Michigan, Ohio join forces to test Lake Erie for carp

If Asian carp are present in Lake Erie, they will likely leave a trail of evidence behind. That's what those working with the Ohio and Michigan departments of natural resources and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are searching for as they conduct water sampling, electrofishing and netting surveys. The search of portions of the lake's western basin and two of its tributaries will last two weeks.

Great Lakes Observing System Forecasting Tool Enhanced

Boaters on the St. Lawrence River have a new online tool to help them navigate the Thousand Islands and other stretches of the waterway along the Canadian border in northern New York.