Request for Nominations to the Great Lakes Advisory Board (GLAB)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is seeking nominations from a diverse range of qualified candidates to be considered for appointment as members of its Great Lakes Advisory Board (GLAB). The GLAB will provide advice and recommendations to the EPA Administrator, in her capacity as Chair of the Great Lakes Interagency Task Force, on matters pertaining to Great Lakes restoration and protection. Vacancies are expected to be filled by September 2012. Sources in addition to this Federal Register Notice may be used in the solicitation of nominees.

DATES: Nominations must be postmarked by July 30, 2012.

ADDRESSES: Submit nominations electronically with the subject line ``GLAB Nomination 2012'' to You may also submit nominations by mail to: Rita Cestaric, Designated Federal Officer, US Environmental Protection Agency, Great Lakes National Program Office, 77 W. Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois 60604.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Rita Cestaric, Designated Federal Officer, US Environmental Protection Agency, 77 W. Jackson, Chicago, IL 60604; email address:; telephone number: (312) 886-6815.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: On May 31, 2012, EPA published in the 

Federal Register a notice of intent to establish the GLAB under the 

authority of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA), Public Law 92-

463. The GLAB will provide advice and recommendations to the EPA 

Administrator, in her capacity as Chair of the Great Lakes Interagency 

Task Force, on matters pertaining to Great Lakes restoration and 

protection. The GLAB will conduct business in accordance with FACA and 

related regulations.

    The GLAB will be composed of approximately 15 members appointed by 

the EPA Administrator. In selecting members, EPA will consider 

candidates representing or serving as liaison to a broad range of 

interests across the Great Lakes, that may include, but are not limited 

to, environmental groups, business, agricultural groups, youth groups, 

foundations, environmental justice groups, academia and state, local 

and tribal governments. Members will be appointed for two year terms 

and are eligible for reappointment.

    The GLAB will meet approximately two times a year. Additionally, 

members may be asked to participate in teleconference meetings. The 

average workload for members will be approximately 4 to 6 hours per 

month. We are unable to provide honoraria or compensation for service 

on the GLAB. However, you may receive travel and per diem allowances 

where appropriate and according to applicable federal travel 


    Nominations: The EPA welcomes and values diversity. In an effort to 

obtain nominations of diverse candidates, the agency encourages 

nominations of women and men of all racial and ethnic groups. All 

nominations will be fully considered, but applicants need to be aware 

of the specific representation sought as outlined in the SUPPLEMENTARY 

INFORMATION section above.

    Other criteria used to evaluate nominees will include:

     The background and experiences that would help members 

contribute to the diversity of perspectives on the GLAB (e.g., 

economic, social, cultural, educational background, professional 

affiliations and other considerations);

     Demonstrated experience with Great Lakes issues;

     Leadership experience in Great Lakes organizations, 

businesses and workgroups;

     Excellent interpersonal and consensus-building skills;

     Ability to volunteer time to attend approximately two in-

person meetings a year, participate in teleconference meetings, attend 

listening sessions with senior-level federal officials, develop policy 

recommendations and prepare reports and letters of advice; and

     Willingness to commit time to the committee and 

demonstrated ability to work constructively and effectively on 


    How to Submit Nominations: Any interested person or organization 

may nominate qualified persons to be considered for appointment to the 

GLAB. Individuals may self-nominate. Nominations can be submitted in 

electronic format (preferred) or in hard copy format (see ADDRESSES 

section above). To be considered, nominations should include:

     Current contact information for the nominee, including the 

nominee's name, organization (and position within that organization), 

current business address, email address and daytime phone number;

     Brief statement describing the nominee's interest in 

serving on the GLAB;

     Resume and a short biography (no more than two paragraphs) 

describing the professional and educational qualifications of the 

nominee, including a list of relevant activities and any current or 

previous service on advisory committees; and

     Letter(s) of recommendation from a third party supporting 

the nomination. Letter(s) should describe how the nominee's experience 

and knowledge will bring value to the work of the GLAB.


    To help the Agency in evaluating the effectiveness of its outreach 

efforts, please tell us how you learned of this opportunity.