Arthur J at bottom of Lake Huron

Crews are re-evaluating the salvage plan for the 110-foot commercial dredge, Arthur J, that sank 7-19-12 in Lake Huron. The dredge sank to the bottom of the lake about 7 p.m., said U.S. Coast Guard spokesman Lt. Justin Westmiller. Initially about the dredge's bow or 25% of the vessel was sticking out of the water, he said.

It's unclear when work to salvage the vessel will begin. The U.S. Coast Guard must approve the salvage plan before work can begin, Westmiller said. Westmiller said the vessel's new position likely will lengthen the salvage process.

"Now that the vessel has changed positions, this will probably end up taking a much longer period of time," he said. All beaches are open. Crews will be out to monitor the impact and look for non-hazardous material or debris that might have washed up from the wreck.

For more information, questions or concerns contact Westmiller at (313) 701-6016.