Anglers From Alabama & Mississippi Sought to Help with Tarpon Research

The Annual tarpon migration along the north central Gulf Coast is approaching fast. During this years tarpon fishing season Sea Grant is requesting that Tarpon anglers get involved in the collection of tarpon DNA for research to help in the conservation of this great fish, especially along the Alabama and Mississippi Gulf Coasts. As reported by the Florida Wildlife Conservation (FWC) DNA samples returned to the FWC last year only produced 5 samples from Alabama and 3 from Mississippi.

The Southeastern Wildlife Conservation Group (SWCG) is heading up this effort along the Alabama/Mississippi Gulf Coasts and is asking for angler participation. They say the DNA sampling process is very easy and not harmful to the fish. You can watch a video of the sampling at The SWCG will distribute DNA Sampling kits, for more information or to request a sampling kit contact Mark Langner or you can visit