Request for Red Snapper Extension

We are working to gain an extension of the current recreational red snapper fishing season and action needs to be taken immediately. We are hoping to gain some extra days after the current projected closure of July 10. It may be possible to do so and we are providing this info so you can send your request for extra days to Dr. Roy Crabtree, Melissa Thompson (Rep Southerlands staff), and Pam Dana, Gulf Council member from Florida.

Please see the attached letters from Gulf Representatives and both Florida Senators:

Please send them a short email with your request and explain how many days you have lost to fishing since June 1 for red snapper as compared to last year. Here is their contact info:

  • Dr. Roy Crabtree, NOAA Fisheries Service (
  • Melissa Thompson, Rep Southerlands staff (
  • Pam Dana, Gulf Council member from Florida (