For Those Impacted By Hurricane Sandy

In 2005, after Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Wilma, and others in the Gulf of Mexico, NACO applied for a research grant from the NMFS to do a study to provide the economic and social impacts on charter boat fleets from the impacts of such storms. The NACO study "Charter Boat Fleet in Peril" was finalized in 2006 and provides a wealth of information never before obtained on the impacts of such storms on the Charter Boat Fleet. The NMFS and Gulf States have used info from the study when providing assistance to charter boat fleets after such storms.

You can access a copy of the study on the NACO web site Search under "news, events, and alerts", scroll down to "2006" and then scroll to "Charter Boat Fleet in Peril". You can read and/or copy any or all of the report. This should help you gain assistance due to the loses from the storm. We encourage you to provide access to this info to all of your state and federal representatives.

As President of NACO I will be sending a request to the heads of NOAA, NMFS, Regional Councils, Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, Great Lakes Fishery Commission, and each affected State Marine Resource Division to provide assistance to those charter boat owners who have suffered and will continue to suffer losses due to the storm. I will be providing a link to our study so they can utilize this resource of information. I will also be making this request to the various Congressional committees and members who will be most effective in drafting and passing legislation to provide financial assistance.

Should you need further assistance please contact the NACO office.

Working to assist you in your time of need,

Capt. Bob Zales, II