New York Declared Major Disaster from Sandy

This is a Notice of the Presidential declaration of a major disaster for the State of NEW YORK (FEMA-4085-DR), dated 10/30/2012.

Incident: Hurricane Sandy. Incident Period: 10/27/2012 and continuing. Effective Date: 10/30/2012.

Physical Loan Application Deadline Date: 12/31/2012.

Economic Injury (EIDL) Loan Application Deadline Date: 07/31/2013.

ADDRESSES: Submit completed loan applications to: U.S. Small Business Administration, Processing And Disbursement Center, 14925 Kingsport Road, Fort Worth, TX 76155.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: A. Escobar, Office of Disaster Assistance, U.S. Small Business Administration, 409 3rd Street SW., Suite 6050, Washington, DC 20416.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Notice is hereby given that as a result of the President's major disaster declaration on 10/30/2012, applications for disaster loans may be filed at the address listed above or other locally announced locations. The following areas have been determined to be adversely affected by the disaster: Primary Counties (Physical Damage and Economic Injury Loans):

Bronx, Kings, Nassau, New York, Queens, Richmond, Suffolk. Contiguous Counties (Economic Injury Loans Only):New York: Westchester. New Jersey: Bergen, Hudson.

The Interest Rates are: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Percent ------------------------------------------------------------------------ For Physical Damage:

Homeowners With Credit Available Elsewhere............... 3.375

Homeowners Without Credit Available Elsewhere............ 1.688

Businesses With Credit Available Elsewhere............... 6.000

Businesses Without Credit Available Elsewhere............ 4.000

Non-Profit Organizations With Credit Available Elsewhere. 3.125

Non-Profit Organizations Without Credit Available 3.000 Elsewhere

For Economic Injury: Businesses & Small Agricultural Cooperatives Without 4.000 Credit Available Elsewhere

Non-Profit Organizations Without Credit Available 3.000 Elsewhere

The number assigned to this disaster for physical damage is 133658 and for economic injury is 133660.