E15 Gas Cap Warning from Some Car Manufacturers

It has been reported  a new safety measure taken by Toyota and Lexus will be put into place to deter E15 mis-fueling. The companies will be including a special label on gas caps on their new automobiles and will also include instructions in the owner's manual not to use E15 as the vehicles are not designed to operate on it.

An article published in the Star Tribune (http://www.startribune.com/local/149444025.html) goes into detail about the move from Toyota, whose spokesperson noted, "Our vehicles aren't backward compatible with E15, and we didn't know when it was going to hit the market. We don't want customers to damage their vehicles. It would not be covered under warranty." Ford and GM are also included in a long list of companies with concerns.

This is an interesting development as manufacturers continue to consider how best to reduce misfueling, as the government continues to push for higher levels of ethanol enhanced fuel in the marketplace.