Rule to Modify Angler Registry Rule

Based on its experience with administering the National Saltwater Angler Registry and State Exemption Program (NSAR) and input from states and the National Saltwater Angler Registry Team, NMFS has made minor revisions to the NSAR regulations.

These revisions are needed to clarify and update certain provisions as follows:

1) Eliminate duplicative permitting and registration requirements for holders of Main Hawaiian Islands non-commercial bottomfish permits;

2) Provide that states that exempt minors under the age of 17 from the state license or registration requirements will be eligible for Exempted State designation;

3) Allow for the designation of the U.S. Virgin Islands as an Exempted State under the qualifying regional survey option of the rule; and

4) Clarify and update various provisions of the rule. These revisions have undergone public comment and the final version of the rule was published in the Federal Register this week. View the final rule at