Marine Recreational Data Program

New online project listing allows for easier searching if you are interested in tracking recreational harvest

Curious about what MRIP is working on?

Search their online database of all MRIP-funded pilot projects. This allows users to search project titles and view project descriptions and objectives, monthly project updates, and final project reports. Access to current projects makes it easier to follow MRIP’s research into new program improvements as they occur, and access to past projects gives you details behind improvements that MRIP has already implemented. View projects at

Catch estimates from March-April now available

Preliminary catch estimates from Wave 2 (March through April) are now available on the MRIP query tool. Preliminary estimates are typically available a month and a half after the end of the preceding wave.

NOAA Fisheries & states meet to conduct data review & quality checks

Data collection partners from NOAA Fisheries, the Atlantic Coast states, and our contractors recently met in Baltimore, Maryland to review survey performance, survey data, and preliminary statistical estimates arising from the first 4 months of 2012 data collection. The Wave Meeting is a regular feature of MRIP’s quality assurance program. For more information about upcoming wave meetings, contact Tom Sminkey at

Custom MRIP estimates now available

Data customers can now produce catch statistics for smaller geographic areas within states. This capability was designed to better meet the needs of those customers interested in monitoring the catches of separate stocks of fish species, like black sea bass, that are separated by sub-state boundaries.

The newly available downloads will also allow customers to access MRIP catch and effort statistics and survey design variables for the 2004 through 2011 Atlantic and Gulf catch data collected by the Access Point Angler Intercept Survey. These data sets contain the sampling weights used in the recent re-estimation of catches for 2004 through 2011, which customers can use to conduct additional analyses. Downloads are available at For more information, contact Lauren Dolinger Few at .

Final Angler Registry Rule Published in Federal Register

Based on its experience with administering the National Saltwater Angler Registry (NSAR) and State Exemption Program, and input from states and the National Saltwater Angler Registry Team, NOAA Fisheries has made minor revisions to the NSAR regulations. These revisions are needed to clarify and update certain provisions as follows:

1) Eliminate duplicative permitting and registration requirements for holders of Main Hawaiian Islands non-commercial bottomfish permits;

2) Provide that states that exempt minors under the age of 17 from the state license or registration requirements will be eligible for Exempted State designation;

3) Allow for the designation of the U.S. Virgin Islands as an Exempted State under the qualifying regional survey option of the rule; and 4) Clarify and update various provisions of the rule. View the final rule at