U.S. Secretaries Agree To Help Conserve Fish Habitat

The U.S. Secretaries of Commerce, Interior, and Agriculture have made a joint commitment to work together to promote collaborative, science-based conservation of our waterways and fisheries. They will sign an agreement which will focus on partnership-based conservation efforts through the National Fish Habitat Partnership.


The agreement uses federal resources to help state and local governments, landowners, and community groups conserve the places that provide recreation and power our economy.

“Through the strategic use of limited resources—such as the Fish Habitat Partnerships established under the National Fish Habitat Action Plan—we can identify the most effective use of resources to conserve habitats vital to our coastal and marine fisheries, which contribute more than $70 billion annually to the U.S. economy,” said Eric Schwaab, NOAA’s Acting Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Conservation and Management.

 “This is a big step for our federal partners, who see the value of our strategic approach to conserving fish habitat,” said Kelly Hepler, Chair of the National Fish Habitat Board. “Our coordination and involvement with federal agencies has really grown since 2006 and I think today marks a significant day in recognizing that.”

The National Fish Habitat Partnership works to conserve fish habitat nationwide, leveraging federal, state, and private funding sources to achieve the greatest impact on fish populations through priority conservation projects.