NOAA Fisheries Appoints Senior Scientist for Ecosystem-Based Management

NOAA Fisheries announced the appointment of Dr. Jason Link as the agency's first-ever Senior Scientist for Ecosystem-Based Management. To support our ecosystem-based management goals, Jason will be the agency's senior-most authority on ecosystem science, leading approaches and developing a suite of scientific support tools to help us better frame our management decisions. A key piece of this will be support tools for ecosystem pilot programs--a NOAA priority under the reauthorized Magnuson-Stevens Act--that will enhance management plans in all areas of the country. 

Jason has been with NOAA Fisheries for 15 years where his primary focus has been on the scientific underpinnings of ecosystem-based fisheries management. His on the Food Web Dynamics Program at the Northeast Fisheries Science Center has been sought around the world, resulting in comparable programs in other countries. We look forward to having Jason lead NOAA Fisheries in the development of cutting-edge scientific support tools. Read more

Jason joins our senior scientist team dedicated to addressing the agency's national science priorities.  Earlier this year, Dr. Richard Methot was appointed as the first Science Advisor for Stock Assessments to serve as the agency's lead authority in the field of stock assessment science.