NACO Attitude Award

NACO now issues an Attitude Award to recipients who have shown service to work for benefits to the Charter Boat sector. The award for this year was presented to Capt. Ed O’Brien, NACO First Vice President. Ed has been the NACO liaison to the USCG since he first was elected to the Board and has been responsible for negotiating and coordinating many of the reductions of regulations, limiting fees, and easing drug consortium requirements.

This past year he was instrumental in working on the medical review requirements and helping the USCG understand the increasing problems with the rule. His efforts helped the USCG now allow for an individual renewing to maintain an active License while the review process is ongoing. He has also worked with other NACO Board members to initiated a coalition of for-hire passenger associations to work to modify the current Congressional mandate to require USCG certified inflatable life rafts on all USCG COI vessels by January 2015. NACO and the other associations have realized much progress in this effort and we feel we will be successful this year. Ed has provided excellent and unselfish service to NACO members over the years. Thanks ED!