Upcoming Management Plans for 2013

The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council has published a list of management plans they will be working on for this year. Please click below to review the areas to be addressed;

Comprehensive Ecosystem-Based Amendment 3
Improvements to Bycatch Data Reporting
This amendment was set for Council approval at the December 2012
meeting. However, the Council removed several actions in December
and the amendment currently includes a single action addressing
bycatch data collection and bycatch reporting. Status: Approval for
submission to the Secretary of Commerce scheduled for March 2013.




Snapper Grouper Regulatory Amendment 14 – Includes
Measures for Amberjack, Mutton Snapper, Hogfish, Gray
Triggerfish, Gag, Black Sea Bass and Vermilion Snapper
Includes options to: modify greater amberjack fishing year and
commercial trip limit; protect mutton snapper during spawning
season; change the way gray triggerfish are measured for
consistency; increase in the size limit of hogfish; adjust the black sea
bass ACLs and ACT based on the 2013 assessment update; modify
the black sea bass fishing year (commercial and recreational);
modify the recreational bag limit for vermilion snapper; modify the
grouper aggregate bag limit; and modify the accountability measure for the commercial sector for gag. Status: Options presented at
March 2013 Council meeting and approval for public hearings at the
June 2013 Council meeting.

Snapper Grouper Regulatory Amendment 16 – Modification
of Commercial Golden Tilefish Fishery Management Measures
At the request of golden tilefish longline fishermen, the amendment
will be developed to put measures in place to slow the harvest of the
golden tilefish ACL for the longline fleet. Status: An options paper will
be presented at the March 2013 meeting.
Snapper Grouper Regulatory Amendment 17 – Protection of
Speckled Hind and Warsaw Grouper - MPAs
The amendment would include options for a tiered-approach for the
use of MPAs to help reduce bycatch of speckled hind and warsaw
grouper. Status: The Council will review a report from the MPA Expert
Workgroup during its March 2013 meeting and determine how to

Snapper Grouper Regulatory Amendment 18 – Adjustments
to ABC and ACLs for vermilion snapper and red porgy
Based on the recent stock assessment updates for both species, the
amendment includes alternatives to increase the ACL for vermilion
snapper, eliminate the current recreational closed season, and
additional options for the commercial fishery. An action to lower the
ACL for red porgy is also included (see page 1). Status: Scheduled
for Council approval during the March 2013 meeting.
Snapper Grouper Amendment 22 – Recreational Tag-Based
Harvest Program for Red Snapper and Deepwater Snapper Grouper
The amendment would implement a tag-based harvest program for
red snapper and deepwater snapper grouper species (golden tilefish,
snowy grouper, and wreckfish). Status: Options presented at June or
September 2013 Council meeting.

Snapper Grouper Amendment 27 – Captain and crew bag
limit retention, crewmember numbers, framework actions, and
measures for Nassau grouper and blue runner
Includes actions to address issues with the harvest of blue runner in
the mackerel gillnet fishery, modify the snapper grouper framework
process, address management jurisdiction for Nassau grouper, crew
size on dual-permitted vessels, and captain and crew bag limit retention.
Status: Public hearings were held in January 2013 and Council approval
scheculed in March 2013.

Snapper Grouper Amendment 29 – Allocations and ORCS
(Only Reliable Catch Stocks) Revisions
This amendment will address allocations and revisions to ABCs
based on a new methodology for assessing data poor species
(ORCS). Status: Discussion by Council in June 2013.
Snapper Grouper Amendment 30 – Vessel Monitoring
Systems (VMS) for the Commercial Snapper Grouper Fishery
Originally included in CE-BA 3, the Council chose to address VMS in a
separate amendment during its December 2012 meeting. The change
allows more time for fishermen to become informed about the proposed
action, the capabilities of VMS, and to provide public comment (see
page 3) Status: The Council will review options in March 2013 and public
hearings may be scheduled for late April/May 2013.
Coral Amendment 8 – Coral Habitat Protection and Transit
Provisions for the Oculina Bank HAPC
Includes items to address expansion of coral Habitats of Particular
Concern (HAPCs) and transit provisions through the Oculina Bank
HAPC. The Council delayed action on the amendment in December
in order to get additional public input. Status: The amendment will
continue to be developed in 2013 and public hearings may be held in

Mackerel Amendment 19 – Latent Permits and Bag Limit Sale
Joint amendment with the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management
Council currently addresses the sale of king and Spanish mackerel
and cobia; latent effort in the king mackerel hook-and-line sector;
federal regulatory compliance; and income requirements for
commercial coastal migratory pelagic permits. Status: Joint South
Atlantic and Gulf Committees will meet in March 2013 to review
options. Public hearings may be held in August.

Mackerel Amendment 20 – Boundaries and Transit Provisions
Joint amendment with the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council
to address changes in Gulf group king mackerel zones and a transit
provision for king mackerel; regional quotas for cobia and king and
Spanish mackerel; and modifications to framework procedures. Status:
Joint South Atlantic and Gulf Mackerel Committees will meet in
March 2013 to review options. Public hearings may be held in August.
Mackerel Framework – Size limits and trip limit allowances
The amendment includes actions to consider an increase in the
minimum size limit for Atlantic group king mackerel; an exemption from
size limits for Atlantic group Spanish mackerel caught in pound nets
in August and September; an allowance to transfer of a portion of a
third net in the Atlantic group Spanish mackerel gill net fishery; and
a change in the commercial trip limit for king mackerel in the Florida
East Coast Subzone. Status: Joint South Atlantic and Gulf Mackerel
Committees will meet in March 2013 and review options. Public
hearings may be held in August.

Dolphin/Wahoo Amendment 5 – Addresses ABCs and ACLs;
Allocations; and Accountability Measures
Addresses updates to ABCs and ACLs based on revised data collection
methods, sector allocations, adjustments to accountability measures and
framework revisions. Status: Council to review scoping comments and
further develop the amendment in March 2013.

Joint South Atlantic/Gulf Generic Headboat/Charterboat
Reporting Amendment – Addresses reporting requirements
An action to address charter/headboat reporting was originally included
in CE-BA 3. In December, the Council voted to develop the action in a
separate amendment. The amendment includes an action to require
headboats to submit fishing records electronically on a weekly basis
to help improve accuracy and frequency of available data. Status:
Approved by the Gulf Council in February; scheduled for SA Council
approval in March 2013.